Infinitely inspired by art unlimited to all forms, movements, traditional and contemporary, the expressions conveyed visually and conceptually provokes an endless exploration of the relationship between art and fashion.

Referencing Kettle’s Yard art gallery, formerly the home of Tate curator Jim Ede, his collection of paintings and sculptures are displayed in a living space to create a “harmonic whole”. This notion is reflected in this collection, where influence is drawn from a personal collection of art postcards. Embracing the extremes of the art world collectively, unexpected juxtapositions collaborate through digital translation, creating its own form of harmony in the setting of printed textiles

The juxtaposition of art forms and styles in the collection echoes the essence of Salvador Dalí’s Lobster Telephone. Emphasising the association of contrasting elements, Dalí believed this could “reveal the secret desires of the unconscious”.

The dialogue of this collection imbues Dalí’s philosophy in parallel with Ede’s intent to achieve harmony through soulful craftsmanship amid digital tech.



digital illustrations created using Adobe Illustrator

inspired by collection of postcard artworks